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MNS, FFP2, FFP3, N95

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Mask FFP2, FFP3, KN95, N95

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BS95 Pure - respirator mask BS95 Pure - respirator mask Bestseller
BS95 Premium - FFP2 respirator BS95 Premium - FFP2 respirator Top
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Maske FFP3 - BS95 Save C Bestseller
HandanHY 8620 - Mask FFP2 NR HandanHY 8620 - Mask FFP2 NR Bestseller

Wearing a mask

Viruses also fly through the air because they are very small. They often attach themselves to the smallest particles that can be inhaled. Protect yourself properly by wearing a face mask with at least 95% filtration.

Washing your hands properly

In order to maintain good hygiene against bacteria and viruses and to protect yourself against COVID-19 in the present time, proper hand washing is one of the absolutely crucial measures.

keep a distance

The transmission of viruses can be prevented very well by keeping a minimum distance of 1.5m. In closed rooms or where this is not possible outdoors, you should wear an FFP2 or KN95 protective mask. - Online shop for personal protection

we are a young portal for the protection of your own health and offer high quality and selected products for this area. Due to our long-standing expertise in the areas of filtration, air purification and hygiene, we have now created a portal where you can find products and information in these areas.

Bacteria and viruses play an increasingly important role in our lives. Again and again infections such as Covid-19, SARS, influenza the Norovirus or MRSA hospital germs are reported. We want to offer solutions to these topics.

Supply of companies and medical facilities

be-safe-95, CE-Schneider supplies not only end customers on this portal, but also companies, nursing homes, doctors, hospitals with large quantities of protective equipment. Due to our trade relations cultivated over years it is no problem to provide safe products of highest quality.

Respiratory protection masks FFP2, FFP3, KN95

Protective masks for the face are regarded as reliable protection against viruses, fine dust and allergens. The products range from so-called community masks which offer no proof of protection whatsoever, to mouth-nose protection (MNS) which offers protection for others, to respiratory masks of classes FFP2, FFP3 and KN95 which offer protection for the wearer and for fellow human beings. Masks in our range are subject to strict quality guidelines and are extensively tested.

We want to ensure that our products help people.

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